Woman smiling over her shoulder

We’ll Give You a Reason (or Two) to Smile

Part of our job is to keep your smile healthy and beautiful so that you’re proud to share it with the world. While we can help with our full-array of dental treatments, sometimes it takes a little more to get a smile out of someone. If you’re down in the mouth or need to turn someone else’s frown upside down, then we’ve got just what you need: plenty of reasons to smile. Read more.

Research has consistently shown that smiling is good for you. Even a fake smile can provide benefits, such as:

  1. Lower Stress Levels — People who smile tend to have lower heart rates and faster recoveries from stressors. Since stress is associated with heart disease, it could be argued that smiling is good for your health.
  2. An Instant Facelift — Look in the mirror with a neutral face. Now smile. See? Smiling lifts your cheeks and jowls, giving you a younger (and happier) appearance. There’s no need to visit the plastic surgeon when you can just smile.
  3. More Friends — People who smile are perceived to be more approachable, confident, and trustworthy, all traits that attract others. So maybe it’s not misery that loves company, but happy people, instead.
  4. A Returned Smile — Smiling is contagious; when you smile at someone, they will almost always smile back. If they don’t, then at least you know that you made an effort to bring a smile to their face.
  5. General Health — People who smile are more likely to live longer than those who don’t. They also enjoy improved immune systems as well as mild pain relief that results from the endorphins that are released when they smile.

If those aren’t good reasons to smile, then we don’t know what is. If there is something that WE can do to help you love your smile, call us today to schedule an appointment.