kida with braces, holding magnifying glass in from of his smile

Invisible Orthodontics? You Bet!

We have plenty of patients who would like to have a straighter smile, but they have bad associations with braces: the headgear, the rubber bands, the brackets that make your lips protrude … all induce nightmares of middle school. The good news is that orthodontics have come a long way since then. These days, both adults and teens with the most common orthodontic problems can enjoy treatment that no one has to know about. How? Click here to find out.

InvisalignⓇ Clear Aligners

InvisibleⓇ braces? Yes! Instead of brackets, bands, and archwires, Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligner trays to gently guide your teeth into the desired position. You’ll use a new set of aligner trays about every two weeks and see us every four to six weeks to make sure your smile is progressing as expected.

The Benefits

The most obvious benefit is that InvisalignⓇ is, well, invisible. No matter what your age, if you can avoid having “metal mouth” or “tinsel teeth,” you will. There are many other benefits to InvisalignⓇ, however, including:

  • Abbreviated treatment. Invisalign users typically see results in six to 18 months.
  • No eating restrictions. Simply remove your aligner trays any time you eat or drink (other than water) then replace them when you’ve finished.
  • Easy care. There’s no need for floss threaders or other accoutrement when you can simply remove your aligner trays to brush and floss.

The Drawbacks

InvisalignⓇ is not for patients who lack the discipline to keep their aligner trays in for at least 22 hours a day. Patients must also be able to brush their teeth after every meal to avoid staining (which could prove to be difficult for kids and teenagers during the school year).

If you’ve been thinking of orthodontics but have avoided it due to previous conceptions, now’s the time to act. InvisalignⓇ will give you the straight teeth you’ve always wanted without the trappings of old-fashioned orthodontics. Call our St. Petersburg or Clearwater office today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you.