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Busting the Most Common Dental Myths: Part 1

In some cases, myths have an almost sacred status: From Prometheus giving fire to humanity to Elvis being alive and well in a small Tennessee town, we believe these stories with all our hearts. This is also true of dental myths. No matter how unverified or unsubstantiated, these stories are passed on from person to person, much like the folklore that has entertained us for centuries. Thing of it is, some of these dental myths are not only wrong, they’re dangerous, as well. In the interest of setting the record straight, the folks at the St. Petersburg Dental Center are ready to bust some of the most common dental myths.

Myth #1 — Don’t Brush or Floss If Your Gums Are Bleeding

This one takes a direct hit to the hearts of dentists everywhere. The fact is, your gums are bleeding because you don’t properly brush or floss. If you notice light bleeding when you properly care for your teeth, you may be in the beginning stages of gum disease, known as gingivitis. At this point, your gum disease is reversible, so do NOT put off treatment.

Myth #2 — There Is No Need To Care For Baby Teeth

Unless you want a mouthful of overlapping, misaligned adult teeth. Here are the facts: Baby teeth guide the adult teeth into the proper positions. When the baby teeth rot to the point that extraction is required, the way the adult teeth erupt is anyone’s guess. An additional reason to care for baby teeth is to establish good dental health as early as possible; unless you want to fight with your kids every time they have to brush or floss, start caring for their teeth as soon as they begin to erupt.

Myth #3 — Whitening Damages Tooth Enamel

This common misconception may be a result of the tooth sensitivity that patients experience after a whitening treatment. This side effect is completely normal and passes within a couple of days if not earlier. The truth is that, under the care of a dental professional, teeth whitening is as safe as brushing your teeth. If you’ve been putting off whitening for fear of damaging your teeth, then wait no longer.

We hear so many other absurdities from our patients, which is why this is only part one of our Dental Mythbusting series. As you eagerly await the next installment, remember that the team at St. Petersburg Dental Center is here to help you discern between fact and fiction. With locations in St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Pinellas County residents should be well-versed in the truth.