Girl putting invisalign in her mouth

Have the Straight Smile You’ve Always Wanted With Invisalign

When you reminisce about your middle school or high school days, you probably remember lots of kids who wore braces — especially if you were one of them. You remember food being stuck between brackets, packets of tiny rubber bands (that were great for flinging across the room or securing hair braids), plastic hinged boxes of orthodontic wax, and floss threaders strewn about the bathroom (yours or someone else’s). The science of orthodontics has changed a great deal since those days. Now, The St. Petersburg Dental Center can help you get the beautiful, straight smile of your dreams with the very subtle and beloved Invisalign treatment.

How Invisalign Works

Instead of wires, brackets, and bands, Invisalign uses a series of safe, clear, plastic aligner trays to move your teeth into the desired position. As the name implies, the aligner trays are nearly invisible, so no one will know you’re wearing them unless you tell them so.

Invisalign must be worn for at least 20 – 22 hours a day, so they are only ideal for people who have the discipline to keep them in place. Every two weeks or so, new aligner trays are used, each one guiding the teeth closer to alignment. Dental visits are required about every six weeks to ensure that the teeth are moving as anticipated.

Why You’ll Love It

Any orthodontic treatment that doesn’t cause flashbacks from adolescence probably sounds pretty good, but Invisalign is more than “pretty good,” it’s pretty GREAT! Here are the reasons you’ll love it:

  • You remove the trays when you eat, so you can enjoy all of your favorite foods!
  • You also remove the trays when you clean your teeth, so you can brush and floss as normal (without the assistance of floss threaders).
  • You’ll complete your treatment in six to 18 months; that’s far less time than traditional braces require.

If you’re ready to learn more about Invisalign treatment, contact St. Petersburg Dental Center today to make an appointment. With locations in St. Petersburg and Clearwater, getting the smile you’ve always wanted is more convenient than ever.